Flying While Pregnant During Covid: Expert Advice, Q&A

You’ve probably heard people talk about the dangers of getting blood clots while flying, and if you’re like me, you might’ve blown it off. Well, there’s no denying it’s a thingaccording to ACOG, “Any type of travel lasting four hours or more — whether by car, train, bus, or plane — doubles the risk of DVT [deep vein thrombosis — the result of a blood clot].” 

And, as you might’ve guessed, being pregnant is an extra risk factor. “There is an increased risk of blood clots all the way through pregnancy; so you want to get up and walk around regularly, ideally every hour or two. And keep flexing your heels,” said Minkin, who said drinking lots of water can also help.  

I’ve been researching compression socks, which are supposed to improve blood flow, lessen swelling, and lower your chances of getting DVT. These Physix socks  have great reviews on Amazon.

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