17 Times People Put Off Medical Care Due To The Cost


“We have a baby that’s eight months old. She has soaked up all of our savings just paying for major surgery and months of recovery care so she could eat properly. ‘Insurance’ is nearly $700/month (more than our food expenses and utilities), and that ‘insurance’ only gets us a ‘discount’ AFTER paying several thousands in cash out of pocket.”

“And what are we putting off because of this? I have a serious shoulder injury from a work injury that’s only gotten worse with time. I can barely raise my arm if I’m holding any weight. I have three crowns (that were all ~$1000 a piece to get) that have fallen out over the past three years that I can’t afford to get replaced, and my remaining teeth have been ground down a couple of millimeters and destroyed, leaving me with wrecked jaw geometry, breathing interruption during sleep, nerve pain on my jaw, disfigured teeth, and head and neck pain. I’m told that this level of mouth damage would cost an estimated $20,000 to $60,000 to correct. 

Instead I’m probably going to have to wait until the pain is so extreme that I can’t eat and have all of my teeth pulled because it’ll be cheaper than repairs. I’m only 44. Until our system stops allowing thousand percent cost markups that are opaquely paid by insurance companies without any motivation to reduce costs, things will only get worse. I’m terrified we will be bankrupted by what would once have been considered uneventful, standard expenses when I was young.”


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