Sex Situations Everyone Experiences That Need To Be Normalized


Painful insertion during penetrative sex.

“Some women have a condition known as vaginismus, but can be lumped into a more broad diagnoses called genito-pelvic pain/penetration disorder. Basically, with this disorder, a woman’s vagina either tightens up and insertion is literally impossible, or insertion causes extreme pain. My wife and I found this out when we got married and sex wouldn’t work. No matter how much lube we used, I couldn’t fit inside her. And I’m definitely no porn star or anything. This caused lots of shame, disappointment, and confusion in our relationship for awhile. Especially because we kept it secret because we had never heard of it and we were embarrassed. I hope this can educate someone who this is affecting, has affected, or will affect in the future. Because there are various treatments that are super effective! Don’t fret and don’t feel ashamed if your body doesn’t seem to work like everyone else says it should.” —thebestisyetocome

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