OSHA maintains healthcare emergency temporary standard

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration on Monday said it would continue to enforce the Healthcare Emergency Temporary Standard.

The standard was issued June 21 and was expected to be finalized into a rule within six months. OSHA said it still plans to issue a final rule.

While OSHA will drop the non-recordkeeping parts of the standard, the log and reporting provisions will remain in effect, the agency said Monday.

“With the rise of the Delta variant this fall, and now the spread of the Omicron variant this winter, OSHA believes the danger faced by healthcare workers continues to be of the highest concern and measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are still needed to protect them,” OSHA said. “Given these facts, and given OSHA’s anticipated finalization of this rule, OSHA strongly encourages all healthcare employers to continue to implement the ETS’s requirements in order to protect employees from a hazard that too often causes death or serious physical harm to employees.”

OSHA said it will “vigorously enforce” the standard, including the Personal Protective Equipment and Respiratory Protection Standards.

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