This $18 Lip Balm Made My Chapped Lips Soft And Hydrated

This balm has a soft, jelly-like consistency and goes on ultra-smooth. Its appearance is similar to but not the same as a lip gloss, but without the high shine and stickiness. Keep in mind that it does produce a very subtle plumping effect, but I never notice any tingling sensation like you get from products that use spicy and irritating extracts to accomplish this. My lips look soft, moisturized and healthy every time I put it on, and a little truly does go a long way. I’ve been using the same tube every day since the beginning of May and I’m just now getting to the bottom of it.

The balm is free of parabens, phthalates and fragrance, but it does contain castor oil, shea butter and Astrocaryum murumuru seed butter, which has a lot of great skin care benefits like moisturization, reduction of wrinkles and alleviating eczema. I haven’t had any irritation or problems since I added it to my skin care routine.

Though I try to convince everyone to make the switch to using my new favorite lip balm, I know there’s swaying in numbers, so check out the glowing reviews below:

“I have thyroid disease, so I have chronic dry, flaky lips that comes with it. For years, I have tried everything under the sun. I use this one night & have brand new, perfect lips with a PLUMP! NOT ONE FLAKE BY DAY’S END! Smooth, pouty, soft & FIRM!” — TheQuietRioter

“Love this lip treatment. My lips get so chapped that normal gloss and chapsticks aren’t hydrating enough, so I’ve always had to use balms or treatments. Within 24 hours, my lips weren’t peeling or tender. They look nice and plump, even when it’s dried down. Never switching now!” — Christine

“This never fails to make my lips soft and hydrated. It makes them look and feel better, especially in the winter months. This product has no taste or smell… at all. I really like that it has no scent. I’ve been buying this for years.” — Morgan the accountant

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